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Why Should You Invest in a Copper Roof for Your Saddle River Home

Saddle River NJ Copper Roofing


Copper roofs have a special and impressive aesthetic appeal but their benefits are more than just that. Below are some of the main advantages you can gain from having copper roof installed in your Saddle River NJ home:

Durability and longevity: Copper has an extremely high resistance to weathering and corrosion, which could last even for over half a century if maintained properly. This comes with long-term cost savings as compared to other materials like asphalt shingles where the roofing will not require replacement frequently.

Low maintenance: Unlike other roofing materials which must be cared for regularly or repaired when damaged, copper roofs do not need any maintenance at all. Additionally, the natural patina that develops on its surface acts as defense against further corrosion, hence no painting or resealing is needed.

Energy efficiency: This metal reflects heat efficiently thus decreasing the amount of heat that enters into your Saddle River household so you can pay lower utility bills. The benefit is especially pronounced in hot regions.

Lightweight: Surprisingly, copper is quite light when used as a building material therefore it does not burden your structure like heavy options e.g., concrete or slate tiles would. In case your house has weak framing - which is characteristic of many older homes this benefit may be crucial.

Fire resistance: Copper being innately fire-resistant offers an extra layer to secure your home and peace of mind.

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